About Joseph Khalifa

Starting in 2016, I marched three years with the Sacramento Mandarins, aging out in 2018, and I knew I wanted to give back to this organization that had given so much to me. Before I even aged out, I decided I wanted to return in 2019 as a photographer, helping capturing the corps life for the world to see. I picked up a camera and approached the SJSU Marching Band and began my adventure there. Since then, I have had the pleasure of being the official photographer for not only the Mandarins and the SJSU Band, but the Sac State Marching Band as well, and getting the opportunity to work with so many other amazing organizations.

I graduated from San Jose State University in 2019 with a degree in Computer Electronics and Network Technology, and it's this love for computers that has helped me get into my photography, as it is another piece of technology to learn and master, and I'm excited to continue my journey.

You can even donate directly so I can keep creating awesome stuff for you:


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